Transitional Book

The book to guide you from childhood reading to grown up stories.


The way the digital born people reads is different from the generations before. After a one year of research i developed  a book that tries to keep some of the beauty and the interactive appeal as a way to catch the attention of the new types of readers. 
For this book  i did some watercolor paintings as illustrations for a classic story from  João do Rio a Brazilian author from the 19th century.  



All Covered

Judge the book by it's cover

After asking people what they like the most about their books and why they insisted on buying printed copies instead of digital ones, they told me that the cover was of great importance and the fact that you can exhibit a book on your shelf  is like telling people how you are by showing what you read.  This project shows how the design can help to tell a history, it was used the same text for all covers but each one has a different style and feeling.



Surrounding Spaces

Typographic Press Book

Under the guidance of Catherine Dixon (British  typographer) a group of young designers took a look at the city and its contrasts and  created compositions to express their perceptions.

My piece shows the reflex of a church on to one of those
big mirrored Skyscrapers .